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AlpineAire has been using the finest ingredients to serve outdoor enthusiasts since 1979. The people at TyRy, Inc (the producers of AlpineAire) understand how critical nutrition and good tasting food are to the performance during expeditions far from any civilization - when self preservation is half of the battle.

Prepared in a U.S.D.A. inspected facility, AlpineAire foods use very selective freeze dried other dehydrated ingredients in their wide range of ready-made meals. Combinations are individually picked and tested for flavor, texture, and nutritional performance, producing an outstanding end result.

For a very conservative five year plus shelf life, all AlpineAire products are sealed in an air tight foil pouch filled with nitrogen to remove all of the oxygen. In addition, an oxygen absorber is included in each pouch to eliminate any residual oxygen that may remain. The same foil pouch doubles as a very convenient “bowl”. Just add boiling water to the pouch and wait 10 minutes or so and your next gourmet meal is ready to eat.

These AlpineAire food storage products are perfect for a well prepared basement pantry or backcountry adventure.

If you want these same great meals in #10 cans or long-term food supplies, try Gourmet Reserves, also made by the same manufacturer that makes AlpineAire.


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