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Emergency Food Kits

We have the most comprehensive selection of survival food kits available for you to choose and compare. Simplify your choice by selecting an emergency survival kit that contains a full range of foods. These emergency survival kits are perfect for short 24 hour and 72 hour needs, and some kits contain food supplies that will last a person 6 months or more. Emergency food supply kits are perfect for the home and office. If you cannot find what you need, give our experts a call and we will be sure to match your unique needs with an emergency survival kit that makes sense. Days, hours, and even minutes can count in emergencies

In this section of our site, you will find out 72 hour emergency food kits; samplers, variety and best selling survival food kits; and short-term emergency food supplies. If you are looking for long-term food supply kits, please visit our long-term food storage that contains one year food supply systems.

Food is one of your most basic needs. Keeping an emergency food kit at home just makes sense. Like health or home insurance, except you can use survival food - even when you don't use it.




*Substitutions may be made for discontinued or unavailable products in kits (the replacement will be as identical and comparable as possible) for the original item.




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