Go Berkey Kit Portable Water Purifier

  • Go Berkey Kit Portable Water Purifier
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Product Description

Go Berkey Kit Portable Water Purifier

The Go Berkey Kit is perfect to be used outdoors whilst camping or hiking, apt for students, suitable for work places, and great for people who travel extensively. While the Sport Berkey portable water purifier bottle is great for shorter durations, the Go Berkey water purifier is perfectly suitable to be used at a campsite, a lodge, etc.

This system works very well in purifying water from just about any source and these include ponds, streams, rivers, lakes, etc. In addition, if you’re travelling overseas and aren’t sure of the quality of water you’ll get, this system can be put to very good use.

The Go Berkey system works in removing harmful chemicals from water (like pesticides, herbicides, organic solvents, etc), and the same also applies to removing parasites, viruses, cysts, and bacteria.

The filters are re-cleanable, and can be cleaned under running water with something as simple as a ScotchBrite pad. Moreover, these filters are also self sterilizing.

Other Details

Gallons per Hour:
Holding Capacity:
1 quart
Filtering Capacity:
3000 gallons (for 1 Black Berkey Element)
Height - In Use:
Height - In Storage:
Big Berkey
New Millennium Concepts Ltd.


Kit Contains

Go Berkey Kit Portable Water Purifier

Made using polished 304 stainless steel, the Go Berkey Kit comes comes with:
One Black Berkey® Purification Element
One generic Sport Berkey® portable water purifier bottle
One vinyl carry case

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