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Number 10 Cans

When it comes to emergency food storage, amongst the most commonly favored packaging type are cans, and number 10 cans are right up there in this list. Number 10 cans are commonly used by popular emergency food manufacturers like Mountain House and Gourmet Reserves; and the dependability factor is why they’re favored over other methods.

These cans are sturdy to say the least and can easily withstand harsh physical conditions that come to the fore during hurricanes, cyclones, etc. The fact that they can be resealed with their lids is a definite advantage, and all manufacturers of number 10 can food provide extra lids for this very purpose. In addition, since most of the food is consumed quite soon after the can is opened you do not have to worry about food going bad.

Apart from number 10 cans, you can also look at buying number 2.5 cans.


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