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Wise Foods

The Wise Foods emergency food brand is committed to providing an emergency food supply that is dependable, simple and affordable. Wise Foods uses foods that are freeze dried and dehydrated, and they have hired professional chefs to create delicious and nutrition meals that are affordable.

One of the great advantages of Wise Foods is the unique food storage packaging. They start by flushing all oxygen out of the mylar bags using nitrogen. By displacing the oxygen, the airtight mylar bags require no oxygen absorbers - so none will accidentally end up cooked on your plate. For most of the kits they carry, the mylar bags are then organized into cubic buckets with easy to remove lids that make stacking and storage quite easy. Because the buckets are cubical as opposed to cylindrical, valuable space is saved. Wise Foods survival food for families of six requires about the same space as a washer/dryer and can easily fit into a closet.

Between the use of freeze dried and dehydrated foods and unique nitrogen-flushed packaging, Wise Foods claims a food storage shelf life of UP TO 25 years.

With Wise Foods, you just add boiling water and wait 10 to 15 minutes and you have yourself a great meal in a pinch.


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