1 2 3 Food Survival Plan

It's simple.

1 - Assess your daily environment and who you need to feed

2 - Consider your budget - many of the foods we sell last for years, so you can start buying a little bit at a time

3 - Buy what you use on a daily basis in ordinary times. Think water (water filters/containment), milk, beans, rice and other grains, salt (a great preservative), meats, vegetables, fruits  etc...

Build a year's supply of food and water so that you have a cushion should a sudden event cut off your normal supply channels. This will buy you the time you need to think clearly and avoid panic.

We don't promote fear, but do think this is one simple and relatively small investment to protect yourself and your family. Much like any auto, home or health insurance, except that once you've paid, you can use the product even if you don't HAVE to use it.

Stay safe.


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