Buy Food with Bitcoin

We've been accepting Bitcoin for food since 2012

We believe the Bitcoin and cryptocurrency technologies are quickly becoming a major advancement for human society. The market ecosystem is one which promotes sustainability, sharing, and independence. We are therefore happy to trade food for Bitcoin.

So whether you are stocking your storage kits for an unforeseen flood or you need to replenish your current supplies after an earthquake, you can now acquire these essentials with your Bitcoin or US Dollars.

If you have any questions regarding BitCoin transactions with us please contact us at [email protected]


Update March, 2017: Celebrate the New All Time High and Buy More Food For Bitcoin!

Bitcoin has done it again, reaching and surpassing the all-time-high set by MtGox back in December of 2013. In celebration of the continued progress of this facinating technology, will be giving a 5% discount on any orders over $100 that are paid using Bitcoin. This promotion will last for the month of March, and if popular, we may let it run indefinitely. So, enjoy a little more food paid by the dividends of your willingness to be at the bleeding forefront of this financial and economic evolution. To take advantage of this deal, simply make a purchase for more than $100 (shipping is included in that amount), and pay with Bitcoin. 




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