Augason Farms Deluxe One Year Kit

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Name: Augason Farms Deluxe One Year Kit
Brand: Augason Farms
Sku: AFRM-001-07013
Weight: 9,824.00 Lbs
Price: 1,699.45
Manufacturer: Augason Farms
Augason Farms Deluxe One Year Kit


Augason Farms Deluxe One Year Kit

The Augason Farms Deluxe One Year Kit will ensure that your nutritional needs are met for a year, no matter what kind of emergency you end up facing. As part of this order you get 138 #10 cans of fruits & vegetables, drink mixes, breakfast, lunch and dinner alternatives, and more. Also, part of this order contains a special pack of vegetable garden seeds. To prepare this entire kit you should have about 390 gallons of water for the food items.

The shelf life of the Augason Farms Deluxe One Year Kit order is about 30 years with proper storage. This order gives you a total of 9031 servings and 704,205 total calories averaging about 2000 calories per day.

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