Don’t Buy Emergency Food Bars Until You Read This

Yellow emergency food bars sitting on a blue plate

Back in the mid-seventies, American Express came up with a very catchy slogan. In fact, it was so catchy that more than 40 years later, people still associate the phrase with the company.

It was: “Don’t leave home without it.”

Well, you know something else you should never leave home without….

Emergency food bars. 

Why You Shouldn’t Leave Home Without Emergency Food Bars

Survival food bars contain the calories necessary to provide you with the energy & nutrition you need to make it out of a crisis. 

Now, a close second is their portability. And let’s not forget convenience. They need no prep, water or heat. Just open it up. Eat it. Feel energized.

silver package of emergency food bars sitting on a rock outside

And here’s something else that makes emergency food bars a good idea…. They’re not only perfect for the occasional snack when life is moving along smoothly. They’re also great in a crisis situation when you need energy but don’t have time to cook.

So keep some in your pantry at home. Store a bunch of them in your bug-out bag. Keep a boxful in your vehicle. And have some sitting in a drawer at work.

That way, anytime you need one, a food bar will be right there waiting for you.

They might serve to curb your appetite until you can get a bigger meal. Or they might be a late-night snack so you don’t go to bed hungry….

As you can see food bars will have your back in a ton of different situations.

But not all food bars are created equal.

Finding the Perfect Emergency Food Bar

As with most food, you have some choices when it comes to food bars. A number of survival food companies make them. But some bars are better than others.

So here’s what you want to look for when adding emergency food bars to your stockpile…

1. Bars that are nutritious and will give you the carbs your body needs during an emergency. 

2. You want food bars that stand up to high temperatures. And which have a long shelf life – like up to 5 years – and still taste fresh.

3. Bars that are loaded with vitamins and minerals… to give both your brain and your body an instant boost.

4. And just as important as everything else – if not more so – your survival food bars should taste great.

You could make your own food bars. Or… 4Patriots carries a great option that meets every quality on that list. And they are available in a 1-Pack or you can get a special deal on a 4-Pack that comes with FREE 72-Hour Survival Food Kits!

Check out this Emergency Food Bar taste test video of former Navy SEAL, Cade Courtley…

* Cade Courtley is a former Navy SEAL and Platoon Commander who served 9 years of active duty and has been compensated by 4Patriots for his hard work in helping us test and endorse this product.

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