Boost Your Mood in an Emergency with Survival Food Desserts

man outdoors enjoying survival dessert

Variety and comfort foods are both important when building an emergency food supply. What better way to add new flavors and a bit of comfort than with survival food desserts? Whether you make desserts or buy pre-made ones, the options are endless. Here’s how you can add some sweetness to your survival food stockpile.

Why Pack Emergency Food Desserts?

When prepping your emergency food supply, you’ll probably think about skipping things like sweets and desserts. We recommend second-thinking your decision. After all, one of the best ways to help your family endure difficult times is by boosting morale from time to time. 

Survival food doesn’t have to be dull, flavorless, and repetitive anymore. Add delicious snack bars that double as meal replacements to your bag. Or, pack freeze-dried desserts for a little variety. A sweet treat mid-hardship can go a long way in keeping spirits lifted. 

Other benefits of storing desserts with a long shelf life include: 

  • Morale boosts 
  • Combat menu fatigue
  • Increase blood sugar during a crisis
  • Add to your daily calorie count
  • Offer a sense of normalcy
  • Delicious meal replacements (in some instances) 
  • Great for mood-boosting celebrations during tough situations

1. Granola

During a disaster, granola may just become your best friend. Not only is it storable and rich in fiber, but you can also make some yummy snacks with it too. From banana granola to homemade energy bars, this dessert option is sure to add extra variety and nutrition to your food supply.

2. Powdered Milk 

Powdered milk might not sound like dessert, but it can sure help you make some. Use this handy ingredient to make everything from chocolate milk and ice cream sandwiches to tasty blueberry pancakes. Powdered instant milk can last up to 20 years, and this kitchen staple is sure to offer something your entire family can enjoy. 

3. Freeze-Dried Fruit

Fruit is healthy. It’s as simple as that. But during hard times, it may not always be available. Stow everything from freeze-dried blueberries and strawberries to delicious bananas. You and your group members can make smoothies, ice cream, jam, and muffins for a little extra variety. 

4. Protein Shakes 

Want a dessert that doubles as a meal? Not only can a survival shake add a hint of sweetness to your long-term food storage, but it can also serve as a meal replacement. Plus, it’ll never slow you down since you can drink it on the go. Great for busy days full of hunting, hiking, and camping, protein shakes are as convenient as they are sweet.

5. Peanut Butter

During a disaster, peanut butter can feel like the ultimate dessert. It’s jam-packed with protein, calories, healthy fats, and tons of nutrients. Slather peanut butter on top of your favorite snack bar for an added boost of protein. Or, spread a thin layer onto a slice of bread for an added hint of sweetness. 

Peanut butter is shelf-stable, easy to store, and can be added to almost anything. And in a pinch, you can even eat it straight out of the container. 

6. Snack Bars

Snack bars are another diverse food option you’ll want to add to your supply. 4patriots food bars not only taste great, but they also double as an energy booster. Plus, you won’t need to cook, add water, or heat them. 

Not convinced? They also have 400 calories per bar. One pack of these yummy treats can provide basic rations for one person over the course of three days.

7. Hard Candy

Hard candy is almost all sugar. And as long as they stay dry, they can last for years. Great for on-the-go snacking and increasing your blood sugar levels at a moment’s notice, you can never go wrong when stowing away a few of your favorite hard candies. 

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