Beyond Meal Kits: Other Items to Add to Your Emergency Supply

woman deciding which survival food to add to her emergency food supply

You’ve been working hard to build up your survival food supply. However, before you stockpile too much of any single item, it’s good to take a step back and ensure you aren’t lacking in other areas.

One common mistake many families make when prepping for an emergency is having too many meal kits and not enough other food. Don’t fall into the same trap. Meal kits are a good start, but you want to add some more variety and options to your supply. Wondering what survival food to buy? We can help make sure all your bases are covered. 

Staples for Survival 

Meal Replacement Shakes

On the best of days, a post-workout protein shake helps your body sustain its muscle mass. On the worst days, nourishing your muscles becomes even more important. Stocking up on 4Patriots survival shake drink mix is a great idea. Packed with protein and carbs, these survival shakes are a meal replacement you can depend on. Plus, the shake mix is designed to last for 20 years*. It has the potential to feed you and your family for decades to come. 

Snack Bars

If you’ve ever taken breakfast on the go while running late in the morning, you know how important packable snacks can be. We don’t always have the time, space, or resources to have a proper sit-down meal — especially when something unexpected happens. That’s why you must keep grab-and-go snacks like 4Patriots Emergency Food Bars handy. These bars require no heat or water. They are ready to eat whenever and wherever you need them.

Plant-Based, Nutritious Survival Food

It’s easy to get carried away with comfort foods like delicious mac and cheese when planning for an emergency. However, you need to balance out comfort foods with some healthy plant-based options. That’s where the 4Patriots Fruit, Veggie, and Snack Survival Food Kit shines.

The kit comes with tasty freeze-dried corn, broccoli, green beans, pineapple, blueberries, and more. You will also get a digital recipe book so you can create delicious sides, entrees, and desserts using the ingredients in your kit. Or you can enjoy the fruits and veggies by the handful as a quick and easy snack. 

Seed Kits 

One of the top qualities of successful survivalists is self-reliance. Growing your own food is about as self-reliant as you can get! Add variety to your emergency food supply with easy-to-grow seeds. A good survival seed vault lets you grow your own carrots, tomatoes, lettuce, and more so you can have fresh veggies available in a crisis. 

Other options like the 4Patriots Flavor Harvest Kit contain basil, chives, and other herb seeds to spice up your meals. If you’re interested in the other benefits of plants, you may want to explore the Medicinal Herb Kit. It includes tummy-soothing chamomile, relaxing lavender, and immunity-boosting echinacea. When searching for emergency food supply ideas, seeds are often overlooked. Don’t leave this staple out!

Build Your Emergency Food Supply Today

Having the right food (and enough of it) is essential to surviving a crisis. Help your family stay prepared for any future emergency by stocking up on the nutrition you need today. With 4Patriots, it’s easy to stockpile everything from survival food meal kits to seed packs.

**20-year shelf life under proper storage conditions. Excess heat and/or damage to packaging may decrease shelf life.