Food For Health International FFOOD Milk - 80 Servings

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Name: Food For Health International FFOOD Milk - 80 Servings
Brand: Food For Health International
Sku: FFHI-001-95100023
Estimated Servings: 80
Calories: 5,600
Supply Life: Days and Weeks
Food Type: Dairy
Preservation Method: 45
Price: 37.99
Brand Founded: 2004
Manufacturer: Food for Health International
Country of Manufacturer: United States

Quick Overview

Food For Health FFOOD Milk - 80 Servings - 95100023
Food For Health International FFOOD Milk - 80 Servings


When fresh milk is not readily available, you now have an alternative for both drinking and cooking. 100% Real Milk just needs water, and in seconds, you can have your milk – anytime or anywhere.
Unlike the chalky aftertaste of other powdered milk, our 100% Real Milk is a treat to drink alone or perfect when cooking. Either way, if ever asked, “Got milk,” you now will always have the right response.

  • Includes 10 pouches, 8 servings in each pouch.
  • Only needs water to prepare.
  • Individually packaged in family-sized pouches (approx. 2 adults/ 2 children).
  • 3-ply mylar pouches have the sealing power to keep freshness in and the pests out.
  • Oxygen extraction procedure that further protects nutrition and taste.
  • Easy, re-sealable lids that allow opening and closing without unnecessarily exposing the other pouches to air.
  • Convenient handles and sensible weight for easy transportation.
  • Interlocking bucket design that makes stacking easy and stable.
  • For less than a drive-thru value meal, our mouthwatering entrées nourish your body and comfort your soul.
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