Gourmet Reserves

You will find a well-rounded diet in the Gourmet Reserves year food storage kits. They are wide with various foods - not too deep in any one, so that you will have fresh variety and balanced nutrition throughout the use of the system. The contents of these kits contain foods and meals that do not need to be cooked. Depending upon the kit, this can be anywhere between 26% "no-cook" in the primary system to 100% "no-cook" in the Supreme system. Grourmet Reserves sources all natural ingredients and selects products based on overall performance, including taste, texture, flavor, and storage lifetime. By sourcing and mixing the best ingredients, Gourmet Reserves produces delicious, high-performance meals in these one year food supply systems. Like other leading tried and true food storage brands, everything in Gourmet Reserves food supplies for one year are packaged in #10 cans for long-term storage. Lids are included to seal freshness in once that cans are opened. 

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  1. Gourmet Reserves PRIMARY System -  One Year for One Person
  2. Gourmet Reserves VERSATILE System - One Year for One Person
  3. Gourmet Reserves Gourmet SUPREME System - One Year for One Person
  4. Gourmet Reserves SUPERPAK System - Two People for One Year or One Person for Two Years
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