New to Prepping? This Survival Food Review Will Help You Get Started

Pam & Tom standing in front of their house to share their survival food review

Why do you want to prep? Probably because you want to take care of yourself and you don’t want to rely on others for emergency food.

Most important…

You don’t want to be afraid when disaster strikes.

So what’s the best way to start prepping? Well, the old tortoise & the hare analogy is the answer.

Start small… and keep a steady pace.

At least 72 hours worth of survival food is a good place to start. It may not seem like a lot — but it’ll make you feel like you’re in control again. Heck, even FEMA recommends it. And the confidence you’ll get from that is priceless — especially during a crisis.

Take it from Pam & Tom… They started small building their survival food stash and over time, grew it into a substantial stockpile. And boy… are they glad they did. Watch their survival food review to see how it prepared them to get through a hurricane.

Watch Pam & Tom’s Survival Food Review to Learn How They Prepared for a Hurricane…

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Every Serious Prepper Starts with Emergency Food


You’re looking down the business-end of a storm. Which isn’t hard to do these days… Most of the country has experienced some type of freak weather. From Texas to California, ice storms & wildfires are knocking out power and leaving folks without electricity for days… some for weeks.

Map of Hurricane Irma covering Nashville to Cuba

You don’t want to be stuck rubbing 2 sticks together — that’s hopeless.

You also don’t want a bunch of high-end gear that won’t do you any good while you’re starving. You can’t eat a fancy tent or backpack.

That’s why every serious prepper starts with emergency food. It’s the strongest foundation to build on. So again, look to get 3 to 5 days worth of survival food… this will give a strong base to work from if something bad does happen. You’re going to need calories to get through a disaster — not the latest hammock. 

The best thing about emergency food kits is just how stinking easy they are to prep.

It usually takes about 15 minutes from start to finish depending on what kind of survival food you purchase. Just 3 simple steps:

  1. Boil
  2. Simmer
  3. Serve

So now that you have your bases covered with food… you can start thinking about getting more survival gear. But remember, start with food. Because without survival food as your base… everything else is on shaky ground.

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