Test Your Self-Reliance with an Off-Grid Camping Trip

man hiking in the woods during off-grid camping trip

Prepping for an emergency for as long as you have can make you feel ready for anything. Now it’s time to find out for certain. Camping off-grid will put your survival skills to the test and show if your supplies can get you through a bug-out situation. Here’s how to go off-grid camping and prepare for the uncertain future.

What Is Off-Grid Camping?

Off-grid camping is exactly what it sounds like: camping somewhere you’ll be completely off the grid. Also known as dispersed camping, off-grid camping will test your survival skills for an emergency because they’re similar situations. There will be no running water, sewage, or electricity. Off-grid camping will teach you a lot about your readiness for a disaster that requires leaving home. 

Research Campsites

Many traditional campsites offer things you may not have during an emergency. Developed campgrounds with electric hookups, running water, and even cell service won’t properly test your self-reliance. You want a campsite that offers you nothing except a place to test your survival skills. Here are three places you may be able to find an ideal off-grid camping site:

  • State Parks
  • National Parks
  • Public lands

Once you decide where to go, take your time checking out where specifically to set up camp. This step is important because different areas can offer different benefits and risks. You want a location that will protect you from the weather, but you don’t want your camp under leaning trees that could potentially fall. Look for signs of wildlife too. Finding ants and bear scat are two signs you need to keep looking for another site. Also be sure to check local government sites for campfire restrictions before picking an area.

Off-Grid Camping Food

The food you take with you off-grid camping shouldn’t need a refrigerator but still needs to last a while. Instead of buying food items separately, you can buy ready-to-go emergency food kits and survival meals. A 2-Week Survival Food Kit with meals like mac and cheese, creamy rice and veggies, and more has 84 total servings that can last up to 25 years*. With such a long shelf life, you can buy a survival food kit now and not worry about it going bad before an emergency. Buying a survival food kit like this is also beneficial because the packaging design will protect your meals while you put your other survival skills to the test.

A 2-Week Survival Food Kit may be plenty when you’re testing your self-reliance off-grid camping. However, buying a survival food kit that lasts longer can better prepare you for the uncertain future. Survival food kits like the 1-Year Survival Kit and 3-Month Survival Kit can feed you and your family for much longer.

Off-Grid Camping Gear

Successfully camping off-grid requires the right gear. Your food supply won’t do you any good if you don’t have the equipment to cook your meals, and not having proper shelter will expose you to harsh weather and take a toll on your survival skills. Below are some items you might need to feel confident about your self-reliance during an emergency.

Tent and Sleeping Bag

First and foremost, you need shelter. It will offer you a place to sleep and protection from harsh weather. Make sure you have a sturdy tent or tarp and a comfortable sleeping bag before camping off-grid.

Camp Stove

Being able to cook without electricity is a must when you go off-grid camping. The StarFire Camp Stove boils water and cooks meals using kindling or leaves as fuel. Plus, it’s lightweight and easy to transport.

Solar Lantern

Having light with no electricity is possible when the sun charges your light source. The 4Patriots SoLantern can provide you with light for up to 12 hours. Once those 12 hours are up, just put your SoLantern in the sun to recharge so you can use it again and again.

Solar Emergency Radio

Information is power, especially during an emergency. The Liberty Band® Emergency Solar Radio will inform you of what’s happening during critical circumstances. You can depend on it for weather updates and other important news 24/7.

Off-Grid Clean Water Kit

You need an Off-Grid Clean Water Kit to always have clean water when camping in the wilderness. This kit can purify up to over 500 gallons of water. That’s enough to provide you with clean drinking water and water to wash your clothes and yourself. Taking care of your most precious resource may be your most valuable survival skill.

Live Off the Grid the Right Way

4Patriots has what you need for an off-grid camping trip that will help prepare you for a real-life crisis. Shop online to find camp stoves, survival food kits, and other supplies you need to survive off the grid.

*Your survival food is designed to last 25 years on the shelf. Storage conditions impact the shelf life of your food. For best results, always protect your food from heat, air, and moisture. Avoid prolonged exposure to temps above 75 degrees F. Keep food sealed until ready to eat. Shelf life will vary based on storage conditions.