One Year Total Care Kit

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Name: One Year Total Care Kit
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One Year Total Care Kit

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  • One Year Total Care Kit
  • One Year Total Care Kit
  • One Year Total Care Kit
  • One Year Total Care Kit
  • One Year Total Care Kit


One Year Total Care Kit

The One Year Total Care Kit put together by Survival Food, addresses different aspects of emergency preparedness, and with access to this kit you can truly consider yourself to be well prepared. In addition to food and water supplies, this kit also gives you water purification tablets, alternatives to provide you shelter and warmth, tools that can come in handy during emergencies, first aid, and more. There are even seeds in this kit for future preparedness needs.

The One Year Total Care Kit gives you a total of 31,686 servings and 1,474,289 calories. One month’s supply will average to 507 servings and 55,875 calories.


The servings and caloric breakdown of the One Year Total Care Kit as per food groups is as follows.

Protein Calories - 119,760

Protein Servings - 1,710

Grains Calories - 189,200

Grains Servings - 1,264

Ration Bar Calories - 323,850

Ration Bar Servings - 944

Milk & Cheese Calories - 180,532

Milk & Cheese Servings - 1,811

Fruit & Vegetable Calories - 52,715

Fruit & Vegetable Servings - 2,264

Potato & Rice Calories - 129,680 (This adds some protein, the carbohydrates from this is complex carbs which are the good kind-the ones the body uses for energy)

Potato & Rice Servings - 1,112

Legumes (16 Bean & Lentils) Calories - 84,912

Legumes (16 Bean & Lentils) Servings - 1,001

Dessert Calories - 26,640

Dessert Servings - 192

Bouillon Calories - 9,210

Bouillon Servings - 1842

Butter & Shortening Calories - 46,360

Butter & Shortening Servings - 1,172

Sugar & Honey & Hot Cocoa & Drink Mix Calories - 199,680

Sugar & Honey & Hot Cocoa & Drink Mix Servings - 10,501

Salt Servings - 6,123


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