Sealed food pouches give you a great way to address emergency food storage and given that the contents on these pouches get over quite quickly once the pouches are opened, you do not have to worry about wastage through spoilage. Most popular brands flush their pouches with nitrogen to keep the oxygen out, and you also can eat straight out of many of these pouches.

The sealed food pouches you will find here are manufactured by the best names in the business, and these include Alpine Aire, Backpacker’s Pantry, Mountain House, and Wise Food.

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  1. 56 Servings of Wise Emergency Food Supply
  2. 84 Serving Emergency Breakfast and Entree Kit
  3. Alpine Aire BE READY Pantry
  4. AlpineAire 3 Day Instant Gourmet Meal Kit
  5. AlpineAire 5 Day Instant Gourmet Meal Kit
  6. AlpineAire 5-Grain Fruit Nut Instant Cereal Breakfast Pouch
  7. AlpineAire 7 Day Instant Gourmet Meal Kit
  8. AlpineAire All American Roast Beef Hash Breakfast Pouch - Gluten Free
  9. AlpineAire Almond Chicken with Vegetables Entree Pouch
  10. AlpineAire Alpine Minestrone Hearty Soup Pouch
  11. AlpineAire Apple Almond Crisp Breakfast Pouch
  12. AlpineAire Bandito Scramble Eggs Potatoes Breakfast Pouch - Gluten Free - Cooking Required
  13. AlpineAire Beef Diced Cooked Freeze Dried Pouch - Gluten Free
  14. AlpineAire Beef Rotini Entree Pouch
  15. AlpineAire Beef Stroganoff with Noodles Entree Pouch
  16. AlpineAire Black Bart Chili with Beans Beef Entree Pouch - Gluten Free
  17. AlpineAire Blueberry Honey Granola and Milk Breakfast Pouch
  18. AlpineAire Brown Rice and Chicken with Vegetables Entree Pouch
  19. AlpineAire Cheese Packets and Cracker Lunch Cold Salad Pouch
  20. AlpineAire Chicken & Almond Salad with Crackers Cold Salad Pouch
  21. AlpineAire Chicken Diced Cooked Freeze Dried Pouch - Gluten Free
  22. AlpineAire Chicken Dijon with Brown Rice Entree Pouch
  23. AlpineAire Chicken Gumbo Spicy Entree Pouch - Gluten Free
  24. AlpineAire Chicken Rotelle Entree Pouch
  25. AlpineAire Chocolate Hazelnut Bavarian Cream Fruit and Desserts Pouch
  26. AlpineAire Chocolate Pudding Mud Slide Dessert Pouch
  27. AlpineAire Cream of Broccoli Hearty Soup Pouch - Gluten Free
  28. AlpineAire Forever Young Mac & Cheese with Veggies Meatless Entree Pouch
  29. AlpineAire Garden Risotto Meatless Entree Pouch
  30. AlpineAire Garden Vegetables Pouch - Gluten Free
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