Are You Ready to Protect Your Electronics From EMPs?

electronics to protect from EMPs laid out on a desk

When it comes to emergency preparedness, you need to expect the unexpected — and that includes the possibility of EMPs. Learn about EMPs, their effects, and how you can protect your electronics and generators against them.

What Are EMPs?

EMPs (electromagnetic pulses) are waves of electromagnetic energy. EMPs can have man-made causes (such as nuclear weapons) or natural causes (like solar flares). What do EMPs actually do?

EMPs won’t physically harm you and your family, but they pose a risk to infrastructure and technology. An EMP is full of electrons, which can interact with powerlines and electronics and cause them to fail. Depending on the size of the EMP and your proximity to it, you may find yourself without a phone, computer, or another essential device. An EMP may even impact the power grid and lead to a loss of electricity. 

What Should You Protect Against EMPs?

In a world that relies heavily on electricity and devices, it’s important to know how to protect your most essential electronics from an EMP. Unfortunately, you likely won’t be able to save every device you have. When prioritizing which electronics to protect, you should have two main focuses: the ability to communicate and the ability to store and access information. Here are a few items you should consider protecting:

  • Radios to help you communicate with others and receive important government messages
  • Laptops or tablets so you can access important information you have saved
  • Generators to ensure you still have electricity to power lights and charge essential electronics if the grid goes down

How to Protect Electronics From EMPs

Most methods for protecting electronics from EMPs fall under the umbrella term “Faraday cages.” Faraday cages, named after scientist Michael Faraday, use fine metal mesh or solid metal to shield against the electromagnetic waves pushed out by EMPs. Despite the name, a Faraday cage doesn’t have to be an actual cage. It just needs to block out EMPs.

Aluminum Foil

You can DIY a Faraday cage in a few different ways. One of the most basic methods is wrapping your device in aluminum foil. For this method, you don’t want the foil to touch the device or it will just attract the EMP directly to your device. Wrap your electronics in a piece of cloth or paper. Then, wrap it with a few layers of aluminum foil, making sure there are no gaps. 

Steel Trash Can

A steel trash can with a lid is another simple solution. Just like with foil, you don’t want your device to come in direct contact with the metal of the trashcan. Use something like cardboard to cover the inside of the garbage can before adding your device. Wrap your device in tin foil for extra protection.

Since you can use a metal trash can to protect against EMPs, you might wonder what other metal containers could work. For example, will a gun safe protect against EMPs? The short answer is no. The metal construction of gun safes might keep out certain radio signals, but it likely won’t block EMPs. Plus, many safes feature electronic locks, which can stop working after an EMP attack and leave you unable to open the safe. 


While you can create your own Faraday cage, you risk making an error and putting your devices in jeopardy. If you want to be extra cautious, consider purchasing a professionally made Faraday cage, like an EMP bag. The 4Patriots EMP Bag Kit features double-shielding copper meshing and waterproof ballistics nylon to protect your most important electronics from EMP attacks. It also includes a hard-shell casing to offer rigid protection of your electronics and a laptop pouch to help you make the most of your space.

How to Protect a Solar Generator From EMPs

Generators are tough, but even they might not stand up to the devastating effects of an EMP. Saving your electronics won’t mean much if you don’t have a way to power them. Like with smaller electronics, you’ll want a Faraday cage to protect your generator. However, generators are bigger, so DIY methods require more planning, materials, and labor. Protect your generator (and solar panels) with shielding bags specifically designed to block out EMPs. 

The Patriot Power Generator 1800 + Platinum Package has everything you need to stay powered after an EMP. This package includes the best-selling Patriot Power 1800 generator, two foldable solar panels, and a military-grade EMP bag kit. The generator and panels let you rely on the sun, not the power grid, for electricity. The EMP bag kit will help you protect your generator and panels in case the unexpected happens. You won’t be left in the dark with this package.

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