You’re Probably Overlooking the Power of Solar in an Emergency

parents with a toddler in front of solar powers

In an increasingly digital world, it’s hard to imagine life without the comfort and ease of electricity. But disaster can strike when you least expect it. Storms can knock down power lines making it impossible to power or charge your electronics. 

Thanks to solar-powered survival gear, you can still have access to electronics when the power is out. Learn about the different types of solar power gadgets available and how you can use solar power during an emergency.

Solar-Powered Lighting 

Handheld Lighting 

Solar-powered flashlights are a must for any emergency. They’re portable, easy to hold, and small enough to toss into your go-bag. A multi-purpose solar flashlight will help keep your go-bag light and provide extra tools to keep you safe.

You can use the L.E.D. HaloXT Tactical Solar Flashlight as:

  •  a bright long-distance flashlight
  • a power bank for recharging other electronics 
  • a red S.O.S. emergency strobe light
  • a work light
  • a seat belt and rope cutter
  • a glass breaker
  • a compass
  • a magnet

Portable Fixed Lighting 

What if your electricity goes out? Or what if you need to evacuate your home and camp? Hands-free portable solar lighting will help you illuminate your space. 

Find a light that performs double duty like a solar-powered bug-zapping lantern. The BugOUT Solar Lantern® helps get rid of mosquitoes and other flying pests carrying dangerous diseases. 

Solar-Powered Security Lights 

Some people might try to steal or harm others during a crisis. You need a way to protect yourself, your family, and your belongings. A solar-powered security light can help scare off intruders and keep you alert.

Solar-Powered Charging & Electricity

Gadget Chargers 

Without power, your cell phone, walkie-talkies, and other rechargeable electronics might only last a few days or hours. You rely on these items for communicating with your loved ones and the outside world. Don’t risk going without them. 

A pocket-sized solar-powered gadget charger is the perfect addition to your go-bag. The Patriot Power Cell® can power up to two phones and other USB devices at the same time. It also has a bright flashlight and S.O.S. flasher, so you aren’t left in the dark in a blackout situation. 

Rechargeable Batteries 

You need a survival battery charger and rechargeable solar-powered batteries. Keep your survival stash stocked with a variety of solar-rechargeable batteries. That way, you can make sure that your battery-powered electronics work when you need them.

Be sure to tuck your batteries in a water-resistant container or pouch to keep them safe from moisture, flooding, or wet conditions.

Solar Panels 

You need to be able to move quickly in a crisis. A lightweight, foldable solar panel is an excellent addition to your survival kit.

A small foldable solar panel (like the 4Patriots 40-Watt Folding Solar Panel) sets up in seconds. You can use the solar panels anywhere to charge a USB device, like your phone, tablet, or radio. 

Solar-Powered Generators 

When the power goes, be prepared with an emergency solar power generator. Standard generators require fuel to run. A solar-powered generator only needs the sun to safely power your home or campsite. Unlike standard generators, a solar generator doesn’t release dangerous fumes or require you to haul bulky fuel. 

You can use the Patriot Power Generator inside your home or at your campsite to make sure your most important electronics work — like your fridge, freezer, and medical devices.

Solar-Powered Emergency Radio 

Emergency radios are essential in any crisis. Battery-operated emergency radios exist, but traditional batteries expire or break. Don’t rely upon regular batteries. Invest in a solar-powered emergency radio instead. You’ll never have to worry about missing important updates.

Solar-Powered Cooking Tools 

Food keeps your mind sharp and body strong. Stay prepared by having solar-powered cooking tools on hand. 

Solar-Powered Cooker 

You need water to live, and the water you’re drinking needs to be clean and safe. A solar-powered water boiler is like the Sun Kettle® Solar Cooker can help you:

  • Purify drinking water
  • Create hot, safe water for cooking your survival food
  • Boil water for cleaning and sterilizing wounds

A solar cooker takes just minutes to heat. There’s no need to mess with potentially dangerous flames or fuels. Not to mention, it’s great to have on hand when you need a hot cup of coffee or to clean up. 

Solar-Powered Blender 

You can use a solar-powered blender to mix up nutrient-rich smoothies or protein shakes in seconds without electricity. The Patriot Power Blender® is small, portable, and necessary for emergencies. 

You can use a solar-powered blender to:

  • Create delicious and nutritious drinks
  • Make homemade baby food 
  • Grind seeds and nuts 
  • Make soups, dips, and more

Don’t Be Left in the Dark: Stay Prepared with 4 Patriots 

Solar gear isn’t just convenient —  it helps you remain independent in a crisis. Don’t rely on failing power grids and unstable infrastructure. Power from the sun is free, safe, and abundant.

Stay prepared for whatever comes your way by stocking up on solar gear, survival food, and other emergency preparedness essentials at 4Patriots today.