An Emergency Food Review About Surviving & Thriving When Natural Disasters Hit

Power poles broken by high winds in Oklahoma City, Okla.

Freak weather seems to be everywhere these days.

Ask the folks in Texas… they got hit with a frigid winter storm that shut down a large chunk of their power grid… for weeks.

Imagine trying to feed your family in those conditions.

Do You Have Enough Emergency Food to Weather the Storm?

Freezing temps mean you’re stuck inside. You could try rubbing sticks together… but is that a bet you’re willing to take? With your family on the line? Nope.

So what do you do? Easy. Start a stockpile of survival food that’s designed to last at least 25 years. That way you’ll have peace of mind season after season.

Bryon knows exactly what this means. He’s a veteran and knows the importance of being prepared. So he purchased survival food for his family… and he’s glad he did… because he lives in upstate NY where a major snowstorm hit. 

Check out his emergency food review below.

*Real review from a real 4Patriots customer, who received a free product to test or as a thank you for submitting honest feedback. For more information see footnote* at the bottom of this page.

Now, Bryon picked a specific brand he likes… 4Patriots. Our food comes in totes so it’s easy to keep all that food organized. Which is helpful when you have a house full of kiddos. It’s even more helpful during a crisis when chaos is bound to disrupt “everyday” life.

Plus, they’re handy for storing other gear in… if the need arises.

Another thing Bryon likes about 4Patriots… is the variety & taste. Like he said in the video… he’s used to eating MREs during his service. They aren’t popular among the troops. For good reason too. They’re stale, bland & can be hard on the gut. So he was a little skeptical about survival food kits. But if you find your right one… they’re delicious!

The survival food kit he got has recipes like Grammy’s Sweet Oatmeal. And Dinner Bell Broccoli Bake, Alfredo and even Pancake Mix! There’s no doubt it’s much better than the MRE’s he had in the military.

So how do you find survival food that’s delicious? Buy some sample kits or smaller survival food kits & give ’em a taste test… then stock up on the ones you like so you’ll be ready when the next, big storm hits.

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