How Much Power Can You Get Out of a Solar Generator?

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In many types of emergencies, power outages take a toll. Natural disasters, blackouts, and more can leave you and your family in a tough situation. Thankfully, a solar generator can give you backup power when it matters most. But, just how much power can you get from a solar generator? 

What Can a Solar Generator Power? 

How does a solar generator work? With solar panels, a charge controller, and an inverter, solar generators convert sunlight into AC power. Small solar generators can power small appliances or lights. Some can charge your phone or computer. Generators with bigger battery capacity can power large items, like a refrigerator. With a solar generator, you have your very own power station. There’s no need to rely on gasoline or the power grid. 

Do I Need a Solar Generator That Can Power a Refrigerator? 

In an emergency, you have to think about the basics of survival. One of the most important? Food. You shouldn’t refrigerate your survival food. But, you need to preserve the existing food in your fridge for as long as possible. Only a few solar generators — like the Patriot Power Generator 1800— can create enough power to run household refrigerators. Keep reading for tips on how to use your generator with your refrigerator. It might be different than you think!

Can a Solar Generator Power a House? 

Even the most powerful solar generator may not be able to power your whole house at once — at least not without an extremely high price tag and relying on roof solar panels that can’t be taken with you in a disaster. Instead of plugging everything in at the same time, try these tips to make the most of your solar power.

  • Don’t keep your fridge hooked up all the time. Did you know? Even when the power is out, you don’t have to keep your fridge running at all times. Instead, keep a thermometer inside and leave the door closed as much as possible. If the temperature gets above 40 degrees Fahrenheit, plug in your refrigerator or mini fridge. Let it run until the temperature is below 40, then unplug it. Repeat as needed, but don’t leave your fridge plugged into the generator. 
  • Install energy-efficient lighting and appliances in your home. You need lights at night, and your solar generator can power them. LED light bulbs can help you conserve energy during a crisis. They can also keep your electricity costs low during normal times, too. If possible, upgrade your appliances to energy-efficient models. This way, you can use them in an emergency without draining your solar generator.
  • Use other gadgets, too. When possible, use small solar-powered gadgets to avoid draining your main solar generator. Portable solar power cells can charge your phone. A solar cooker lets you boil water. A solar radio can help you stay connected. Smaller solar energy devices help save your large generator’s power for big appliances. 
  • Get more solar panels. You can daisy chain additional solar panels together to increase the amount of charge you get. Keep in mind that it’s recommended you avoid using more than three panels for one generator on the brightest days.  

Be Ready for Anything with Solar Generators from 4Patriots

Solar generators and other gadgets are essential to staying powered during an emergency. Whether you want a powerful generator for your fridge or a solar radio that will help keep you informed, turn to 4Patriots. We have the solar energy gear, emergency food, and other survival essentials you need to prepare your family for a disaster.