Why You Should Grow Your Own Survival Food

Little boy touching large leaf of plant in survival garden

Planting your own survival garden is the best way to ensure you’ll have an unlimited supply of fresh, delicious and good-for-you fruits and veggies to supplement your survival food stockpile. Not only will it keep your family healthy in a crisis, but it’s also something the whole family can enjoy doing together.

Grow Self-Reliance in Your Own Backyard

Having your own survival garden used to be pretty common, but it hasn’t really been as popular until recently. The pandemic of 2020 taught us a lot about the need for self-reliance. We saw that it didn’t take long for grocery stores to be stripped bare of basic staples and the supply chain just couldn’t keep up. And now… we’re experiencing high prices. Starting your own garden is a necessity.

There’s something therapeutic about working in the dirt and once you get a chance to harvest the bounty of your hard work it’s pretty rewarding.

You’ll Never Run Out of Survival Food

Freshly planted survival food garden in front of lake

Nothing is as therapeutic as planting and maintaining your own garden.

Large pile of colorful fruits and vegetables

A bountiful harvest of fresh emergency food will always be at your fingertips.

Planting and maintaining your own survival garden isn’t just for homesteaders or people living off grid. Check out Katie’s garden in the video below! She lives right in the middle of the city and started her own garden right in her backyard…

Really anyone who wants to eat a healthy diet could use their own garden. And believe you me, the effort you put in is paid back tenfold. For starters, having your own survival garden means you’ll have access to the very first things that get scarfed up in an emergency… Fresh produce.

Grocery stores are typically stripped clean of fruits and veggies as soon as a crisis hits. You simply can’t depend on others to provide for you nowadays. You have to learn to do it yourself.

Survival Gardens Are Healthier

Having your own garden also means you know exactly how your fresh fruit and veggies are grown. There’s nothing genetically modified, or doused in harsh chemicals, or even force ripened here. That’s because you’re not growing food to be shipped halfway across the country or even around the world. It’s a short trip from the backyard to the kitchen Table.

Once you have your own garden, you’ll be picking food at the peak of flavor and nutrition so it’s healthier for you and it tastes better too. You’ll also probably have enough to either share with friends and neighbors or start canning, freezing or dehydrating. Click here to learn about easy canning methods.

A Survival Garden Saves You Money

Having fresh fruits and vegetables now and later is not only healthy, but it’s money saving too. Organic fruits and vegetables are expensive. Just think about it, you can order survival seeds like 4Patriots’ Victory Garden Seed Collection for less than you’d spend on one normal run through the produce section of the grocery store. And your family will be set with fruits and vegetables for months to come.

Plus, with proper care you’ll be able to harvest heirloom veggies for years with a single set of seeds. So it’s not just self-reliant it’s smart and economical too.

You’ll Have Unlimited Fresh Survival Food

When it comes down to it, having your own garden really has no downside. It’s great exercise and entertainment… It’s healthy and nutritious… It’s budget conscious… And it helps guarantee that you’ll have food when you need it! All you need to get started are:

Happy Gardening!