10 Forgotten Survival Items to Stash in Your Emergency Stockpile

emergency stockpile containing essential survival items

You’ve built up your emergency stockpile with the basics you need for survival, but are you forgetting a few essentials? Make sure you have these ten overlooked survival items ready to go in case of an emergency.

1. Aluminum Foil

Aluminum foil is versatile, and it can be used in many different situations. Having this item on hand can help reflect sunlight should you need to start a fire or signal for help. You can even place foil beneath your sleeping bag to retain heat or lure in fish with its light-reflecting qualities. 

Other uses include: 

  • Keeping supplies, food, and tools dry
  • Collecting or boiling rainwater
  • Cooking
  • Food storage
  • Blocking mild winds

The heating and water-proof elements of aluminum foil are sure to come in handy should disaster strike. You’d be wise to stash away as much as possible. 

2. Cookbook

Another thing you might want to add to your bug-out bag is a survival cookbook. Beyond having to catch, collect, or store your food items, you’ll also need to know how to prepare them. From powdered milk recipes to survival tacos, a cooking guide can mean the difference between just surviving and thriving.

3. Plastic Bags

Don’t forget to stock up on quality trash bags when preparing your emergency survival kit. This item can make heavier things easier to carry, help you dispose of trash, and even aid in shelter building. 

You can also use plastic bags for:  

  • Food and water storage
  • Makeshift first aid supplies like waterproof bandages
  • Collecting rainwater
  • Protection against rain
  • Growing plants
  • Crafting bedding such as pillows and mattresses
  • Gathering food

4. Prescription Medication

You’d be surprised by how many people forget to store the medication they need to survive in their first aid kit. Make sure you’re not one of them. Stow away any prescriptions that are crucial to your overall health if possible. Think heart medication, blood pressure medicine, and anything else you might need along the way.

5. Dental Floss

Sure, dental and personal hygiene are important. But did you know stashing away dental floss can be beneficial for other reasons? You can mark trees in unknown areas. You can even craft your own fishing net or pole. 

Here are a few other uses for dental floss:

  • Building a shelter
  • Repairing broken or damaged items like clothing and glasses
  • Fire tinder
  • Tripwire 
  • Clothing line for drying cloth items
  • Alarm (when tied with loud materials like aluminum cans) for protection against animals and other potential threats

6. Laminated Maps

The world following a blackout or natural disaster isn’t promised to have GPS access or cellphone reception. Purchase laminate paper maps of the country, state, and local area you’re in. This way, you can efficiently navigate a world without the internet. 

7. Entertainment

When surviving a disaster situation, it’s important to stay sane. Simply surviving isn’t good for the mind, and small joys can really strengthen your resolve in tough times. Stash away board games, a book, or anything else that might keep you from going over the edge.

8. Duct Tape

Duct tape is another one of those essential items to stockpile for emergency situations. Why? Because even in daily life, duct tape can help mend most things in a pinch. Should the worst happen, you’ll be grateful you have it on hand. 

Here are a few uses for duct tape:  

  • Building and mending shelters
  • Repairing clothing items
  • Wrapping and bandaging injuries
  • Making hunting or survival supplies

9. Zip Ties

Like duct tape, zip ties are known for repairing and mending damaged things. You’d be wise to have more than a couple of these in your emergency kit. 

You can use zip ties for the following purposes:

  • Reattaching vehicle or bike parts
  • Shoelace, backpack strap, or handle replacements
  • Building and repairing shelters
  • Trail marking 

10. Baking Soda

Baking soda is another versatile and often overlooked survival item. You’ll definitely want this cleaning agent on your stockpile list. Use it for toothpaste, deodorant, laundry cleaning, dishwashing, shampoo, itch relief, and more. 

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