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Building a Food Supply

If you are building a survival food supply, then you’ve come to the right place –

We specialize in foods made specifically for emergency and survival purposes.  We provide you with thorough comparisons and sell complete lines from industry leaders standards including Mountain House, Gourmet Reserves, and MayDay. You will also find the newest popular brands such as Wise Foods, Emergency Reserve, and OvaEasy. In addition to survival and emergency food supplies, we also carry water and tools to make water safe for drinking, as well as products to help you make your own food, including seeds and food processing and cooking equipment.

There are four types or “levels” of food storage: Food used for immediate needs, or a “short term” supply, emergency rations and calorie bars, meals ready to eat, and long-term survival food storage supplies.

Short Term Food Supply

You likely already have a pantry full of food needed for immediate use. Your kitchen likely has bread, juice, chips, and maybe a frozen pizza, milk, vegetables, and some chicken. These are the foods we eat every day, readily available at any grocery store. All that is required to obtain these foods is a little bit of travel and a few bucks. As long as you can make that trip and have some cash in the bank, that food is there ready for your taking. And for the grocery stores and restaurants, they are in the same situation, keeping no more than a week’s worth of food on hand. And in some cases, only a day’s worth. This is how we keep our food fresh, and it is a wonderful system we’ve developed.

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