Stay in Peak Mental & Physical Condition with These 5 Healthy Survival Foods

bowl of bean soup on a wooden table

A healthy diet is crucial during a crisis, but it can be hard to find the right foods to add to your emergency food stash with so many highly-processed meat products and shelf-stable junk food items out there. You can still create a well-rounded diet with the right healthy survival food options.

Healthy Food for Emergencies

Eating well is essential for keeping in great mental and physical shape. With so many foods lacking the proper nutrients, deciding what items to add to your food cache is hard. 

When picking out healthy food for emergency kits, consider the nutritional value of the items you’re selecting and these factors:

Shelf Life

Of course, shelf life is one of the first things to look at! You don’t want to be in an emergency with spoiled food. That’s why freeze-dried, shelf-stable food is essential to your emergency kit. Freeze-dried food has a longer shelf life than its fresh counterparts without the added salt and preservatives of canned food. 

According to Tufts University, freeze-dried food retains most of its nutritional value without the preservatives of store-bought canned goods. Plus, it has extended expiration dates that are important for a healthy emergency stash.

Protein, Fat, and Carbs

Could you technically survive off of nothing but rice for a few weeks? Yes! But would you be in peak condition? Probably not. A variety of foods packed with vitamins and minerals will help you survive and thrive. 

The primary nutrients you’ll want to ensure you get are protein, fat, and carbs. The FDA recommends about 50 grams of protein per day, 78 grams of fat, and 275 grams of carbohydrates. Remember that this recommendation varies based on factors like age and medical conditions. 

5 Healthy Foods to Stock up on for Emergency Preparedness

Now that you know what nutrients you need, what are some examples of nutritious survival foods that meet those criteria? Here are five favorites that will please the whole family!

1. Survival Tacos

Everyone loves Taco Tuesday. Morale is a huge part of moving through a difficult situation. Why not boost spirits with a delicious, nutritious, and exciting meal like tacos? This taco recipe calls for 4Patriots Freeze-Dried Beef, which is an excellent source of protein. Spices like garlic powder, cumin, and chili powder are shelf-stable for years and will help provide variety to your survival foods.

2. Blueberry Pancakes

Yep, you read that right: pancakes! These pancakes are a great source of carbs and antioxidants, thanks to the freeze-dried blueberries. You can even boost the protein and fat with the nut butter of your choice (powdered peanut butter is always a fan favorite) or a glass of milk. Did you know powdered milk has the same protein, calcium, and vitamins as fresh milk? It’s a great addition to your stash!

3. Bean and Vegetable Soup

A basic soup is easy to customize to your taste and what you have in your emergency stash. The base should combine freeze-dried vegetables, beans, or meat with a carb such as pasta or rice. You can add whatever spices you like and even a bit of powdered milk to make it thicker and boost the protein. Soup is great for getting creative with what you already have and even getting hydrated. 

4. No-Bake Granola Bars

No-bake bars mean you get all the filling, crunchy-chewy enjoyment of a granola bar without anything extra and no oven needed. The combinations are endless but start with peanut butter, quick oats, your favorite dried fruit, and nuts for a well-rounded snack. Freeze-dried fruit is a great addition because, unlike fresh fruit, it doesn’t require refrigeration.

5. Dessert

Dessert. Everyone loves dessert. And guess what? Even the sweetest treats pack vital calories; best of all, they boost morale as few other snacks do. Having a happy mind is just as important as having a healthy body.

Hard candies won’t provide much nutritional value, but many will last for years. Another great option is cocoa powder to mix with powdered milk or even freeze-dried complete desserts such as cookie dough bites! Comfort food can go a long way to improve your mood and outlook in an emergency.

Stock Up on Nutritious Survival Food

Emergency food from 4Patriots is nutritious, delicious, and a breeze to make. It’s never been easier to keep you and your family fed during an emergency. Shop online for survival food kits lasting anywhere from three days to a year, as well as single food items and powdered ingredients.