Are You Physically Fit Enough to Survive a Crisis?

man on a run with his dog to prepare for survival fitness

Stocking the right supplies is only the first step toward emergency preparedness. You never know when looters might come for your hard-earned food stash or when you might have to abandon your home altogether. 

Either way, being physically fit is essential. Make sure you’re armed with the right survival skills at home or in the wilderness. Check out these tips for staying in shape. 

Prepper Fitness Tips: Keeping Yourself and Your Family Safe at Home

In a survival situation, your home may become the only safe place for you and your family. And you need to keep it that way. Survival workout training can help increase your chance of surviving a long-term crisis. It can also help you defend your home, family, and belongings if needed. Here are some tips for improving your physical fitness before disaster strikes. 

  • Work on lower body stability. You need to stay on your feet in a confrontation. Working on your balance can help. Add exercises like single-leg jumps to your fitness routine. These can teach you how to stay on your feet and recover if you’re surprised by an attacker. 
  • Focus on upper body strength and quickness. In a self-defense situation, you need to react to your opponent fast and with force. Upper body strength and speed training can help you react in a split second.
  • Learn bodyweight exercises. In a survival situation, you likely won’t have the luxury of the gym to keep up your exercise routine. Now is the time to learn and practice a full routine of bodyweight exercises. This will help you keep up your muscle endurance without equipment.

Bug-Out Training: What to Work On

Some disasters force you to flee your home for long periods of time. In the wilderness, even basic survival skills are physically demanding. Use these tips for your bug-out fitness routine.

  • Increase your cardio endurance. You can’t afford to get tired before you reach a suitable campsite. Running, jogging, or fast walking a few days a week can get your heart rate up. Over time, these activities increase your cardio fitness level. Keep in mind that you’ll be carrying a bug-out bag in a survival situation. So, it’s a good idea to train with a weighted backpack to prepare. Increase the weight of your training pack gradually to prevent injuries or strain. 
  • Build your overall strength. You never know when you might need to climb a steep hill or use your upper body strength to move something heavy. Use weights and resistance training in your workout routines. This can help you prepare for labor-intensive situations. 

Nutrition: An Important Piece of Your Survival Fitness Plan

Your body can’t keep up its strength and physical abilities without proper nutrition. Make sure you and your family can stay strong with nutritious emergency food. Visit 4Patriots to stock up on food kits, solar-powered survival gear, home security supplies, and other disaster essentials today.