Don’t Leave Your Home Undefended When Crisis Strikes

burgular in house left undefended during an crisis

You’ve poured a lot of time and money into your emergency stockpile. Food, flashlights, generators, first aid kits — you’ve got it all. The last thing you want is an underprepared intruder taking it all away from you. 

Being prepared to defend your home is just as important as being prepared to feed and care for your family in a crisis. Check out these tips for fortifying your home in case of an emergency.

Keep Your Prepping to Yourself

The first step of survival home defense? Keeping your stockpile a secret. While you’re proud of the hard work you’ve put into prepping and want to share tips, only the people you live with should know about your supply. If you tell everyone about your food, water, and supplies, expect them to come knocking when disaster hits. Even if you turn them away, fear and hunger can make people desperate. You never know what they might do to get their hands on your food.

Stash Your Food and Supplies in Multiple Locations

When storing your emergency food and gear, avoid putting it all in the same spot. If an intruder does manage to wrangle their way inside your home, they likely won’t waste time checking every nook, cranny, and crevice. Once they come across any food or supplies, they will snatch them and run. You will still have something left over by hiding your gear in multiple locations. 

Reinforce Your Doors and Windows

According to ADT, the most common points of entry for break-ins are the front door (34%), first-floor windows (23%), and back doors (22%). Only a measly 2% of robbers will risk trying to enter through a second-story window. 

You should focus your home fortification efforts on reinforcing the doors and windows on the first floor of your house. A simple knob with a lock is not enough to protect your home from intruders. Consider adding extra locks like deadbolts or secure door latches. You should also look at the door itself. If you have a flimsy, hollow-core door, you may want to replace it with something more solid. 

As for your windows, at the very least you should make sure they all have working locks and place a dowel or other stick in the track to stop the window from opening if a lock gets broken. You also need to consider how easy it might be for a robber to break the glass and gain entry to your home. If you have the means, you can add bars around your windows. Many bars come in attractive designs to keep the exterior of your home looking nice during normal times. You can also cover windows with security film that helps prevent them from shattering when hit. Don’t forget to reinforce any glass sliding doors while you’re at it. 

Install an Alarm

On a normal day, an alarm can scare off intruders. During a crisis, the alarm might not have the same effect. However, it can serve another purpose: alerting you to someone on your property. This can give you time to execute an emergency plan, whether that’s fleeing your home or preparing yourself to stand against the threat. 

Invest in Security Lighting

There are many benefits to outdoor security lights. Deterring intruders is just one of them. When you have more lighting outside, potential thieves have fewer places to hide and are less likely to target your home. You can also count on security lights to help you feel safer when walking outside your home at night or to make outdoor spaces more enjoyable after the sun sets. 

The Solar Sentry Security Light is a quick and easy way to add some extra security to your home. This light features powerful, bright LEDs that are sure to ward off invaders. It also has passive infrared sensors (PIR) that will turn the light on and alert you to any motion from humans or animals. Best of all? The Solar Sentry Security Light is solar-powered, so you don’t need to rely on electricity or batteries. You can install the light in minutes and enjoy some peace of mind.

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