This Emergency Food Kit Saved Our Family During A 3-Day Outage

A picture of real 4Patriots customer, William P, as he describes his experience with emergency food kits.

William P. from Mt. Gilead, N.C. bought a 4Patriots emergency food kit because other survival food he tried didn’t have a taste that made it even worth eating. “Even if you’re hungry, they’re really bad,” says William. So he purchased a 72-Hour Survival Food Kit from 4Patriots.

When severe storms rolled into his town, power lines were destroyed and they lost electricity. “Power was out for three days and we had no way to move because the roads were flooded.”

But because they prepared by purchasing emergency food kits ahead of time, they had real meals to eat. Not only did it fill them up, but they had three delicious meals a day. Check out William’s emergency food review here…

Emergency Food Kit Feeds Family During 3 Day Power Outage

* Real survival food review from real 4Patriots customer, who received a free product as a thank you for submitting honest feedback.

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Is It Really Necessary to Prepare for a Crisis?

We who believe strongly in self-reliance think about preparedness every day.

We know there’s no time like the present to get prepared for an uncertain future. As the website says, “Disasters don’t wait. Make your plan today.”

Because, here’s the thing. The problems have become too great for government agencies. They try. They really do. But they’re short-staffed and spread too thin. They don’t have needed resources. Any help they offer will probably come too late.

To their credit, they’ve finally admitted this. They now encourage individuals to do everything they can for themselves and their families to be prepared.

Stockpiling shelf stable food and a way to purify water is the place to start. For more information about survival & self-reliance click here.